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Bankruptcy or Sequestration and how it affects your credit report

Key Facts

  • In England and Wales, you declare yourself bankrupt; in Scotland this is known as Sequestration.
  • You should only ever declare yourself bankrupt as an absolute last resort option.
  • A bankruptcy remains on your credit report for 6 years, and will severely impact your ability to get any kind of credit.
  • When your bankruptcy expires, you should send us a copy of your certificate of discharge.

What does it mean to declare yourself bankrupt?

If you are worried about debt, bankruptcy should be used as an absolute last resort, because it has a serious impact on your credit report for the next 6 years to come. It should not be viewed as something that will simply ‘wipe the slate clean’ on your credit history.

If you want to speak to someone about bankruptcy and debt, there are a range of independent, free to use services available.

Firstly, you can contact us to get an understanding of your credit situation. We are here to help you and make sure you understand your credit report and what the information contained in it means for you, whether you have a bankruptcy or sequestration order already, or you are considering this as an option. 

Please call our UK based team on 0344 481 0800*

Lines are open Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm, Saturday 8am - 4pm, and closed on Sundays. 

In addition, you can also contact your local citizens advice bureau, or the money advice service

Many employers and universities also can offer you financial help and advice, so it’s worth exploring those options too.

How long does bankruptcy information remain on my Experian Credit Report?

A bankruptcy order stays on a credit report for 6 years from the start date, as long as you are successfully discharged from the bankruptcy. 

My bankruptcy has now been annulled or discharged. How do I get my Experian Credit Report updated?

If your Bankruptcy has been discharged we will show this on your Experian Credit Report and this will increase your Experian Credit Score. If your bankruptcy has annulled, it will be removed from your credit report automatically within 4-6 weeks of the change.

If you think that your bankruptcy record should have been removed or updated, and it is still showing on your credit report 4-6 weeks later, send us a copy of your certificate of discharge or annulment and we’ll update your report for you. Please send your copy to:

Experian CreditExpert
PO Box 7710
NG80 7WE


* Charges for calling 03 numbers are the same as for calls made to standard UK landline phone numbers starting 01 or 02. If your landline or mobile phone package means you can call an 01 or 02 number as part of ‘free’ inclusive minutes, the same will apply to calling our 03 numbers