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How do I print, share, download, or email my Credit Report?

Key Facts

  • You can download, email and print copies of your current and previous Experian Credit Reports whilst you are a member of CreditExpert.
  • We cannot provide a copy of your Experian Credit Report to a third party on your behalf, but we can tell you how to do this yourself.

1. Log in and go to the Credit Score & Report page to view your credit report. 

2. Regardless of whether you wish to save, download, email or print your credit report, click on this button at the top of the page: print or save your report

3. When you click on this button, a PDF of a simplified version of your Experian Credit Report will appear in a new tab in your browser, assuming you are using a laptop or PC. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, this may vary. 

Hint: If you don't have a PDF viewer, you will need to download one for free.

4. From this window, you will able to save the PDF to your computer, tablet or smartphone, and then you will be able to email it to someone as an attachment, or print it off. 

Hint: If you save the report to your computer, from there you can print it or email it to someone so this is the best option. Just make sure you store it securely, as it contains all of your personal financial information.