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There's a financial connection/association on my report - how can I get this removed?

There is a section of your Experian Credit Report entitled ‘Are you financially associated with anyone?’ This lists anyone who you have a financial connection with through a joint credit account or a joint credit application.

If you are financially connected (or associated) to someone on your credit report, their information may affect a lending decision about you. If you’re no longer financially connected with someone named in the financial association section, then we may be able to remove them from your credit report. This means you must no longer have the joint credit account, and that it is closed and settled.

Please download and print a copy of our Financial Connections Questionnaire here, and then send it to us once you’ve filled it in. You need Adobe® Reader® to open the printable form.

If you’ve never made a joint application or had a joint account with that person - let us know that in the form, or you can attach an additional letter to explain the circumstances. It's important that the information on your credit report is accurate and up to date, so if it is incorrect, we’ll raise a dispute with the bank or financial institution that recorded this information on your report.