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How long does it take for you to update my credit report?

Your credit report is updated every 4 – 6 weeks or as soon as the banks and financial institutions you use update their records on the central credit bureau. There is no set date on which they do this.

If you’ve spotted incorrect information on your credit report and asked for it to be updated, it will normally take up to a month (from the point the bank or financial institution agrees to change it) for the information to be updated.

If it has been longer than a month let us know and we will contact the bank or financial institution for you. Please include your CreditExpert reference number and the entry number that you are querying.

If they tell us that the information is correct and you still disagree, we will help you take the next steps. These include adding a adding a notice of correction to the incorrect entry on your credit report and referring the matter to a third party to arbitrate.