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Can I add a notice of correction to my report to explain something?

If there are exceptional circumstances behind something on your credit report that is causing a negative effect, you can add a Notice of Correction to explain this, in accordance with your rights under the Consumer Credit Act.

For example, if you missed a payment on your credit card because you were made redundant you could add a Notice of Correction to explain this.

Banks and financial institutions will only see your Notice of Correction if they use the Experian Credit Report. You can also ask Equifax and Callcredit to add this notice to their credit reports for you.

If you apply for credit, the lender must read any Notices of Correction that appear on your credit report but they are not required to take them into account when making a decision.

Adding a Notice of Correction to your credit report will slow down any future applications you make for credit because the lender has to read the notice, but they do not have to take it into account when making a decision. 

How can I add a Notice of Correction to my credit report?

If you are a CreditExpert member you can add a Notice of Correction to your Experian credit report. Contact us and include:

1. Your customer reference number
2. Detail of which record you want to add the Notice of Correction to - include the name of the lender the account is with and the date of the incident you wish to address (e.g. the date of the missed payment) 
3. A statement no longer than 200 words which is factual, relevant only to the entry on your credit report that you are explaining and not directly referencing or blaming a company or another person

If you have a statutory report, but are not a CreditExpert member then please write to us, including your full name, address, email address and 200 word notice of correction text. Please send it to:

Experian Ltd
PO Box 9000
Nottingham NG80 7WP